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Gif Tutorial: Blending two gif scenes together


An anon requested a tutorial for how to blend two scenes together in one gif, like this gifset here. This tutorial will show the basic technique I use to blend two scenes together into one gif. This tutorial requires the basic knowledge for gif making and uses layer masks to blend the two scenes together, so it requires some photoshop knowledge to do. I use Photoshop CS 5, but this should work on all versions of Photoshop.

This tutorial will show you how to turn these two gifs:



Into this:


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Reblogging as Text


One of the first and most important rules of RPing on tumblr is reblogging as text!

If you don’t know how to do it, I’ve found this handy gif!


Sometimes you may be on mobile, or for other reasons you can’t reblog as text. That’s okay! But if you can help it, you really need to try and remember to do this. 

It makes everything so much easier for everyone! You can see the replies before you, and it just looks much better!

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Social Media EXPLAINED

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Caps Coloring: Tutorials


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Please don't do a special episode about me.: How to Fix Tag URLs



Just posting this because I noticed that the tag links on my tumblr & other blogs weren’t working (for tags with two+ words and “:”, etc.). In case anybody is also interested in fixing them :)

Step 1: Find the problematic code.

In your theme code,…

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boom boom BOOM: A very objective list of tips on Weibo usage for non-Chinese KAT-TUN fans


I realized that more and more non-Chinese fans are trying to get things off weibo and is causing some sort of commotion amongst the Chinese fans (because they are accusing people of “stealing” their images etc.). So hopefully, the following advice will reduce the number of disputes amongst fans…