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Two guys are undergoing a messy divorce, because one of them slept with Sean Parker and they are terrible at communicating even though they’re unnaturally articulate (thank you, Aaron Sorkin). Tumblr loves them more than the Oscars did.

Also, Facebook gets invented.

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"'Listen here, Internet girl,' he says, getting up. 'It wouldn’t kill you to watch a film or pick up a newspaper once in a while.' I’m not sure how he’s forgotten that I am writing for a newspaper."






Here is an article by Sarah Nicole Prickett in which she very gracefully allows Aaron Sorkin to demonstrate everything awful about Aaron Sorkin, from the arrogance to the woman problem to the inability to comprehend the modern press. (via @jodyrosen)

The good news is, now I can’t stop thinking about a scripted dramedy about a Gawker-alike. 

This was very satisfying, not least because it comes on the heels of Matt Zoller Seitz accusing everyone not-so-into Sorkin as being horrible cynics who don’t dream the way Sorkin does!

oh my christ, what an unholy asshole. this is indeed a satisfying read except that now i’m a little sad i can’t punch him in the face.

this article is


(and there vanishes any residual desire I had to watch Sorkin’s, well, anything)

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“Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.”
- Aaron Sorkin

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